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 Post subject: WAAC 24 Hour Charity Gaming event - 24hrs 23rd/24th August
PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2014 3:53 pm 
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#WAAC - 24hr Charity Gaming night!
Saturday, 23 August 2014 – 12.00 noon

Wargamers Against All Cancer or #WAAC for short is a charity event being held all across the UK. The Outpost will be running one of the largest of these nights starting at 10am on Saturday the 23rd-24th of August and not stopping for a full 24 hours! ALL money raised through the event will be donated to Macmillan.

Sheffield Live TV will be with us on the day so make sure you're ready to give interviews (if you want to!). Anyone who is camera shy is more than welcome to stay off screen, a full briefing / forms will be given out on the day.

There are events for several systems and they're all with a twist.

40k - BanHammer! (14:00-17:00) (Saturday)
BanHammer is a 2000 point tournament. There are no restrictions on the event so that means anything goes, unbound, lords of war, fortifications....the works. The event will use the 40k Outpost Tournament Pack with the following addition, you can pay to ban the opponents force from the table! At the beginning of every game you swap lists with your opponent and in secret you can choose what you want to ban of theirs. To ban a model/unit you pay their points value in pence e.g a 215 point unit costs £2.15 to ban. Your opponent will not be able to use their unit that game. You can ban upto 1000 points (maximum £10.00) per round. Once both players have selected what they will ban they pay the appropriate amount into the charity pot and play their game as normal. Prizes will be BIG and there is no fixed entry fee however a donation is encouraged (suggestion £5).

X-Wing - The Defence of Alderaan (17:00-20:00) (Saturday)
We've all seen what happened to Alderaan in episode IV, but what if the Empire had realised that the planet was charitable? Well now we can find out. The Defence of Alderaan is our X-wing event and will comprise of a very large space battle centred around a portion of The Death Star, each player will be asked to bring any number of points up to 300 (although bring spare ships because underpointed people might need to borrow some!). If we find there are a large number of players then points will be reduced. While the Imperial forces charge their Superlasers rebel forces from the planet rush to stop it. Each turn the Imperial Players roll for each of the capacitors. Rolling two dice they must get a 11+ to successfully turn on a capacitor, once all 8 capacitors are active the Death Star can destroy Alderaan. Rebel forces can offer resources (to their agents) to alter the result of the dice in secret at a rate of 1 'pip' per £1. Imperial forces can spend their resources to add 1 'pip' per £1. Any number of pips can be added/subtracted for any given roll. Should Alderaan survive to turn 6 then the Rebel forces will win. There is no fixed entry fee however a donation is encouraged (suggestion £5).

Dystopian Wars -

Warmachine/Hordes - Iron Man Challenge (all weekend)
TEST YOUR METTLE! Our Iron Man Challenge is going to be running from the moment we open. The challenge consists of a series of 50 point games with the winner staying on. The player must stay on with the existing list however all damage, models or units are reset back to their starting strength and redeploy as a fresh game. To challenge someone you must pay £3 into the charity pot. All prizes are issued under the provision that they are earnt in a single run of challenges (i.e you haven't lost). Prizes will be awarded as follows:
Win 3 games in a row: £10 store credit
Win 5 games in a row: £35 store credit
Win 10 games in a row: £100 store credit
Win 3 games via assassination: £10 store credit
Win 3 games via scenario: £10 store credit
Win a game in under 10 minutes as the defender: £10 store credit
Use a 0 points model to win the game (i.e score the winning CP/assasinate): £10 store credit
Kill 10 or more enemy models in a single attack: £10 store credit
'1 shot' a Warcaster/Warlock: £10 store credit

Painting Competition - Submissions run all weekend
We have a painting competition running the duration of the event as well. The following categories will be open:
Single Mini (up to 40mm base)
Large Model (60mm+)
Diorama (2 or more models)
Squad (3-10 miniatures on no larger than 30mm bases)
Vehicle (pretty self explanatory)

There will be prizes for each of these categories as well

Entry is £2 per category and you'll get an exclusive Wargamers All Against Cancer dice for each category you enter!

We need you to get involved!

Chris Murdoch A.K.A The Boss @ The Outpost

Check out today. Free delivery on all orders over £10.00 in the UK.

Jimmi: Very well sir, and may your socks always match.

Warmachine: Mercs
WH40K: Grey Knights (Deathwatch)

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