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 Post subject: Necron Hate (1750 Tournament List)
PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2014 11:26 am 
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Here is what I'm thinking for the next 1750 tournament at outpost.

Destroyer Lord, Sempiternal Weave, Mindshackle
Destroyer Lord, Sempiternal Weave, Mindshackle
5 Warriors, night scythe
5 Warriors, night scythe
6 wraiths
Annihilation barge
Annihilation barge
Annihilation barge

Allies from IA12
Overlord, Warscythe, Mindshackle, 2+, 3++, Res Orb
Command Barge
10 Warriors, ghost ark
Annihilation barge

Total 1,750

The destroyer lords both join the Wraiths and form a mini-death star. 2 chances for Mindshackle on whatever they charge
The Overlord on the barge becomes the warlord which can then use the IA12 warlord chart which looks something like:

1) +/-1 Reserves
2) If warlord survives gain an additional VP
3) warlord must accept and issue challenges, every IC killed gives an additional VP
4) warlord and his unit rerolls reanimation if within 3" of an objective
5) Each shooting phase choose a Vehicle that has +1 Strength on one of its weapons (Str 8 tesla!)
6) warlord has crusader (2d6 run and choose highest, +D3 sweeping advance)

Majority of the damage will be from the destroyer lord, wraiths and overlord in barge. Annihilation barge priority is light transports and troops, warriors in ghost ark use guass on AV 13-14.

Any thoughts?

 Post subject: Necron Hate 1750 Tournament List
PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 3:52 pm 
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I always like the practice what your preach idea. Go off on a idea, but then when it comes down to it change it to fit your needs.

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