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 Post subject: Starter Boxes. A faction guide.
PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:29 am 

Joined: Sat Nov 24, 2012 10:35 am
Posts: 48
Myself and Dickie found we were asked questions about what to start with. More than any game I have played the starter boxes for infinity are a good, well balanced starting force. We decided to do some reviews of our experiences of starting boxes. I am a Yu Jing and Aleph sectorial player so I will do a quick ditty on the both of them. Feel free to put your own experiences of starter boxes, and how you went on the expand them.

 Post subject: Re: Starter Boxes. A faction guide.
PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:52 am 

Joined: Sat Nov 24, 2012 10:35 am
Posts: 48
the Asiatic giant.
I play a non sectorial Yu Jing chioce. THe reason being is I love so many of the Yu Jing models I dislike being restriced.

The box:

3x Zanshi
Zanshi are your grunts, dogs bodies but NOT your cannon fodder (no such thing in Infinity). They weigh in at 11 points each making them cheap as fried potatos and are... average. Stats are very very average with the exception of close combat. All the Yu Jing units are either better than average in CC or utterly deadly. This does not mean you charge them in, its infinity Baby, Bullets hurt!
Zanshi are support troops. They provide orders, covering fire ARO and hold objectives. I tend to keep 1-2 facing the rear to cap drop troops and am rearly disappointed. Zanzhi are poor shots and only armed with Combi weapons (in the box at least) if you intend to have them waiting for enemy to pop up and take ARO shots, put quite a few around.
Zanshi have options to be LT, hackers, engineers and paramedics. I have used one as a cheap paramedic but their is a cheaper version that is significantly better at the roll called a Tokusetsu. paramedics are at -3 to their WIP test, doctors are not and the Tokusetsu is 1 point cheaper than a paramedic Zanshi and better in combat! The same is for engineering, Yu Jing has better and cheaper specialist models for the job.
As for hacking, I have never used them as this because of the next model...

1xCelestial Guard
The Celestial Guard are support troops like the Zanshi... but BETTER! They have access to tastier equipment (inc the smoke grenade launcher for no increase in cost and only .5 support point!). They have a BTS of -3 giving them some resistance to the Viral rifles that the Tohaa an Loup-Garou love and a WIP of 14.
I cannot stress how awesome that 1pt of WIP is. It actually makes the Celestial a great candidate for LT, an option I often go for. Keep him round the back giving covering fire or have him use his LT order only and give his other order to the heavy infantry.

1x Shang Ji (invincible)
The Yu Jing LOVE heavy armoured troops. With expension you can legitmatly field an entire force of armoured badasses (especially as the Haramaki zensenbuti are only 28 points).
They Shang Ji is a relativly cheap hard hitter. for 42 points you get a great stat line, heavy armour and 2 wounds. This does not make the Invincible invincible! A good burst form a combi rifle will chip off wounds and there are pleanty of AP options. Keep the big guy near cover. One of the few cons the Shang Ji has is its loadout. It has a light flamethrower which is nice for speculative shots against sneaky folk but its other weapon is the less than impressive combi rifle. Shang Ji have an impressive BS 13 so i generally go for the multi rifle version if my opponent is okay with a slight proxy. That way the starter box force has access to more AP and DA rounds. Also for Yu Jing the Shang Ji is less than impressive in combat. it has a knife and a pretty good CC but no martial arts. This brings me on to my favorite melee monster...

1x Domaru with Boarding shotgun
Freaking Power armoured Samurai!!
The Domaru does not support, it does not heal or engineer. it does not like Chick flicks and has never been to seaworld... It exists to kill up close and personal.
A close combat moster with Berzerk (+9 to hit in CC) a huge CC value AP close combat weapon and a boarding shotgun. Also has frenzy so after it makes a kill (and it will) it becomes inpetuous and basically gets a free order. Its relativly cheap for heavy infantry at 36 points (27 if you take the chain rifle) but does require some practice to use properly. Domaru got second choice for armour and have only 3 points but 2 wounds. Domaru have martial arts but only level 2 so they miss out on striking first.
Against most troops it will utterly slaughter them in CC, but use the Shotgun first! Domaru have a decent BS and Boarding shotguns are nasty at closer range, with the option for AP rounds to put holes in heavy infantry. Against heavier troops Domary certainly stand a good chance buyt they will lose the +3 armour in CC due to Frenzy and strike face to face. Only get in close if you are certain you can win.
I often send the Samurai up a flank and burn many orders for movement. Then When I open up with the shotgun I can use the template on multiple targets, great for breaking up loadse troops covering an area with ARO.

The Yu Jing starter box is a very good start and contains a decent mix of hard hitters and line troops. It is tactically very flexible and I still use nearly every model in larger point games. the box lacks the aggression of the Steel Phalanx or the Hardiness of the Military order box but remember... its only 124 points for a force with 2 heavy infantry. throw in another hard hitter, some drop troops or Ninja and you are well away. you will generally beat such forces on orders and the Yu Jing have access to cheap specialist support troops (hackers doctors engineers barmen maids gardeners etc!).
My purchase after the box set was a mercenary ninja and Daofei. Both have To camoflage and the Daofei has access to a HMG (I cannot stress how horrendous a TO HMG is!). I also have a love for Monks. 5pt models with impetuous martial arts level 3 and wait for it... smoke grenades. If you read Dickies post on starting up he has a wee chat about smoke, it rules. Especially as Yu Jing have 2 troops both light and heavy infantry that can be covered by smoke AND shoot through it (Bao and Hsien).
Also punk bikers, more Ninja, transforming robots, a sumo TAG, Drop troops, robots and a guy called Sun Tze

Gotta love the Yu Jing

 Post subject: Re: Starter Boxes. A faction guide.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:19 pm 

Joined: Sat Nov 24, 2012 10:35 am
Posts: 48
The Steel Phalanx is the first sectorial starter box for the Aleph and has the 'greek' side of the Aleph's mass plundering of ideas from history. It is also unique in that it is the first box set to include a special character (or personality as us space folk call em) called Eudoros. Sectorials follow slightly different rules to normal lists. For one their is a tighter restriction of what to take (no Indian mythology inspired folk for me, so no TAG!). In exchange sectorials get the 'fire team rule'. this represents a lifetime of fighting together and has gives bonuses in combat... check the rules out on Infinity Wiki cos I am still trying to get my head around it!

3x Thorakites: Thorakites are support troops pure and simple. They are slow heavily armoured (armour 3!!!) and relativly cheap. for 13 points you get one with a sub machine gun, 16pts get you a combi rifle and 25pts gets you a light rocket launcher. the box set has one of each. They are very very slow compared to other infantry so slot into the medium infantry slot. a move of 4-2 makes a huge difference especially as Thorakites are one of the few Phalanx troops with access to engineer, scenario games are going to be tough. Thorakites have Frenzy (see Myrmidon entry) have 360 vision meaning it is impossible to sneak up on them without a bullet to the face. This makes them wonderful for protecting the rear from fast troops or TO guys. Their ballistic skill is great and if in cover they will win firefights with other line troops due to heavier armour and being better shots.

x1 Ageme with missile launcher: WOW! a heavy weapon in a starter box!. Ageme are your snipers and long range support troops. All entries in the list have access to high strength weapons such as mk12's, multi sniper rifles and this beefy missile launcher. BS 13, MSV level 2 and a faction with access to LOTS of smoke makes them lethal. They are expensive for medium infantry (38 pts with missile launcher) and have 'only' armour 2. An opponent worth their salt will put one down as early as possible as I found very quickly.
Note[i]: I took it upon myself to call mine 'Homer' not just because of the greek/illiad background, but because the model has a bit of a gut and a gormless expression!

x1 Myrmidon: The chosen of Achillies, the pig stick of the phalanx, the go to guys of the Greeks. Myrmidons are in-your-face assaut troops. BS 12 CC 17 phys 13 martial arts Level 3 (strikes first), Armour Piercing assault weapons smoke frenzy and wait for it... Optical disruption device. The latter 2 give cover in your activation and the ODD makes it -6 to hit them, befor cover! As this is Infinity shooting should always be your first port of call. Mymidons will kill all but the spiecialised close assault troops if they get within swords reach. Watch out for MSV troops that ignore the ODD and grenades. Dickie fethed up a load of mine with some Wulvers in a bulilding rolling frags out of the door. Myrmidons do not come cheap either. 16 points for chain rifle option and 25 for combi rifles and boarding shotguns. 10 well armed wiill cost you 250 pts. The box set one is a hacker but I am yet to use her as such. Also as with all infinity models; she will die unsupported.
: Frenzy means you become impetuous after the first kill this model makes. It basically means if you play a Thorkarite/Myrmidon heavy Phalanx list (like me) the more aggressive you are th more orders you are rewarded WIN!

X1 Eudoros: The guy staring into the distance is the fierce Myrmidon Eudoros. His stats are impressive to say the least and he is armed with a mk 12 rifle (B3 st 15 shots!) he is in a Myrmidon with armour 3 slightly higher CC, Impetuous and the special rule 'no wound incapacitation'. This means if he loses a wound he does not go down until hit again (not that Shock weapons ignore this!). Non of this package comes cheap. If you make him LT he has 3 orders (1 normal, 1 LT order 1 Impetuous order). Impetuous can be a bit of a ball ache sometimes as you MUST use it before any other orders are allocated and the first half MUST be a move. It is less of a problem for assualt troops but be careful as its a great way to lose your LT in your own turn!.

Summary: Play Phalanx like you have a giant pair of space balls! Get into close firefights and keep the enemy on the back foot. No unit is an island and the Phalanx as some nice synergies between the Myrmidons-Ageme-Thorakites covering each other. The Aleph will shower you with orders for making kills but initially you will be out ordered in bigger games.

Future additions I made:
Achillies- The pretty boy man TAG. Play me sometime and I will show you what he can do.
Myrmidons- I got the 4 pack with various weapons and the officer. The officer can have Chain of command. this is amazing if your LT bites the dust as she becomes the leader.
Ekdromos- jump infantry. yet to use them. should be fielding one today though.
Machon- I Proxy this personality because th miniature is yet to be realeased. Machon is a Myrmidon officer (so he is bolt hard) with zero vis smoke and no wound incapacitation. He is tough and can smoke himself whilst healing (ehem Achillies) making him one of the best medics in the game. His WIP of 15 means 75% chance of medic success and making him a viable LT.

Stay connected

 Post subject: Re: Starter Boxes. A faction guide.
PostPosted: Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:58 pm 

Joined: Fri Nov 23, 2012 7:52 pm
Posts: 62
Ok so I run with Ariadna sectorial force: The Caledonian Highlander Army (Scotsmen in space!) But alas they are cunning as a wolf!

In this box you receive a good decent core for a force which includes:

1x SAS (Boarding shotgun):
Standard sneaky commando fella with a beefy sot and template weapon that has an option to be armour piercing or regular bumping. He’s your commando and your infiltrator troop unit. He’s no slouch with his L2 martial arts and will happily smash into and suitably murder regular or even heavy troops with his armour piercing blade.
You can eventually can have up to 4 of them sneaking around if you wish.

1x Wulver Grenadier (T2 Rifle):
Well this guy is your assault troop (and my favourite troop type). Like wolverine without the skeleton or ability to auto heal he’s tough he’s got 2 wounds but can get incapacitated…umm not fun but will be better with a doctor about to make sure he gets back up! He’s got a T2 Rifle this lets him double wound enemies at range, he’s also got a AP Close combat weapon this lets him chop down fools that get in the way. He also is a grenadier….gets Grenades! Boom! And those pesky enemies take a step back or die or preferably both. He’s natural born warrior so will deal with most bad guys, also frenzy and berserk helps him to chew through the opponents too and let him get his killing spree on!

1x Scots Grey (AP HMG):
Rough, Dogged, Angry, with a machine gun what’s not too like! Too boot that HMG is an armour halving beast! Eat a 4 dice burst bad dudes! He’s a heavy armoured trooper who’s in the box to fulfil support. His amour (being a low tech plate) can’t be hacked...handy! His smoke grenades can provide some good cover for an assault by the Wulver or some rapid cover for him or the core troopers to make a rapid escape!
He’s not only sporting a swishy haircut but the sword is armour piercing so like his counterparts he’s no slouch in combat mono-among but don’t get too excited he is defo better off spewing out rounds and supporting the others.

3x Caledonian Volunteers (2x Rifle, 1x Chain Rifle):
Ok here’s the meat of the pie or the iron-bru to the hangover. They are essentially there to make up the order pool be a handy cheap source of orders and occasionally lend a hand to the other 3 in their quest to win the day but don’t discredit them completely they make a good cheap LT. They are average shots at mid-range, not much use close range but work well when flanking or cordoning off areas. Also good for quick objective snatches or covering other units with harassing fire….think skilled troops here Doctors etc.

Too expand this I went and got me the models I liked the look of:
Cateran Sniper
Wulver Mk.12
Scots Grey (T2 Rifle and…..DUAL WIELD Shotguns!) 

As times gone on as I mentioned in the OP: Stepping Stone articles I have learnt to not discredit support troops such as Doctors and Engineers! So recently I have added in a Doctor and Engineer into my list and made it very aggressive but also very sneaky with it now having:
3x Wulvers: Link team with Mk.12…Snap Snap! Boom!….SMASH!
2x SAS: Commando sneaky sneaky
Cateran: Bang Bang!!... and the hard enemy isn’t that hard no more.
112 Emergency Service: MEDIC!!!!!
Dozer Engineer: Always handy too have a handy man also demo charges…Kaboom!
Mormaer: X-Visor, Good ranged weapon, Heavy un hackable infantryman with the ability to be dutty in mid range as he’s immune to shock
Grey Rifle with AP HMG….as in the starter box he’s a good solid support choice for the Wulvers as they enter an assault or need to retreat.

Anyway get out there, pick up a box and get stuck in as this game rocks and well until you pick up the mini’s read some of the rules ait and throw down on the table some of this will make no sense.

So get and stay connected!

Rob "SMASH" Dickie

Fow: British, Germans
Bolt Action: Americans

Infinity: Ariadna, Pan-Oceania, ALEPH
Dystopian: KoB (Inc. R.Aus)

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