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 Post subject: Operation Stepping Stone Pt 2 : Things from the hard road
PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:59 am 

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Basic Skills / Handy tips:
So in part 1we covered some basic pointers on force building and a few core elemental units that will help you in this crazy mission based skirmish mash that is infinity. Now we’re going to talk about some handy basics that I’ve picked up along the way in my delving into the Infinity game and I hope this makes sense / helps folks out.

Ok so you’ve got your chosen faction / sectorial force together now. So now I’m going to go through a few bits of equipment, basic moves and skills that can keep you in the game for a little bit longer.

The ‘D’ of Infinity
‘Dodge’ and ‘Dodging’ is probably the best skill to pull you out of a close call in infinity especially against either template or blast weapons such as grenades or chain rifles. Not just for playing at being pretty ninja and bouncing around against regular attacks in close combat or from shooting.

Giving you an extra 2 inches movement either forward in the case of an aggressive force (e.g. Caledonians or Japanese sectorial troops) and in the case of strong defensive forces (e.g. Aleph and Pan-Oceania). Gives you a space to redeploy effectively and generate space to react to the enemy and also give you an edge over your opponent and allowing you then to take the intuitive back.

Smoke / Zero-Vis Smoke grenades
Ok smoke grenades are mega handy if you can take them then take them. As they can conceal your moving about and also make opponents think twice about where you’re coming from so they can be used to bluff or blind your opponent they are going to need a discover roll / skill test in order to target you at a negative modifier too increasing your survivability especially if you choose a reaction such as ‘Dodge’ as your ARO.

Zero-Vis Smoke is also a top end bit of kit if you have access to it. This is because it needs the visors (multi-spectral etc.) to see through it and even then it’s still at a negative modifier to your rolls. Plus it’s a protection bracket to make moves like casualty rescue or protection long enough to complete a task such as a hack, open or engineering skill. So you can use orders to pull of that defeat to victory in one swooping moment.

“The gang up”
Ok so most troopers will not survive in a one on one fight straight up 50/50 on either win/loose. So you need to move and work as a team pairing up a heavy or veteran skill trooper with line regulars can provide some good strong support.

A good support set up is often found in the starter boxes with the vets or heavy troops mounting a heavier beefier weapon than the line troopers. Putting this behind the line troopers or in a high overlooking position or locking down a corner allows for others to be covered and drill down threats as they come in order to allow other troops to claim objectives, finish tasks or even to position into better fire positions.

Later when/if I can pick / discuss link teams (mini squad groups) apart in a cohesive fashion without waving my arms around like an angry wookie you’ll discover the glory of slamming nasty weapons into other forces with glee.

But in the meantime a veteran or heavy supporting a group of line troopers especially with weapons such as spitfires, sniper rifles or HMG’s is a good call. This allows a little guys team to move in to bring the pain to your opponent’s doorstep…..HMG supporting a little group of chain rifles or shotgun armed troopers……x4 dice followed by 3 or 4 of the large or small teardrop templates…Nasty!

The last piece of basic advice I can give you is finally is:

Protect the boss and please get a grip No.2!
Protecting your lieutenant is vital. The LT gives you an order +1 this is handy for getting the edge when played right even since only that model can use it is the LT. Now having your LT whacked in the first turn is a hard lesson to take. Keep their identity closed and make sure you deploy them safe.

But choose wisely as well, some troop types can be your LT but are better of rolling on to the board as ordinary bodies to use. Might be good to note that cheap and cheerful doesn’t always mean awful either....shhh they are a secret! Also if you get opportunity try and get a trooper with ‘Chain of command’ this means if your LT does hit the dirt from 'being nailed' then that trooper then becomes the acting officer and thus means your order pool survives as standard possibly snatching or recovering away from the jaws of defeat!

OK so folks that’s all I’ve got for Pt.2 hopefully by this point you’ll have had chance to download the Quick start rules and have had a leaf through or even some trail run games of your own / or had some/an introduction to the brutal environment of Infinity.

Stay Connected...Pt3 soon...ish.

Rob "SMASH" Dickie

Fow: British, Germans
Bolt Action: Americans

Infinity: Ariadna, Pan-Oceania, ALEPH
Dystopian: KoB (Inc. R.Aus)

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